I am a scientist-artist creating unique one off pieces of embroidery inspired by the invisible hidden natural world and scientific concepts. My background is in Science and I graduate in 2004 with a BSc in Biochemistry and Physiology. I extended my studies and obtained a PhD in Structural Biology at the University of Southampton.

My work is ever evolving and has entertained a wide variety of people at exhibitions and talks. I now have an established career as an artist and scientist and combine hand stitching and free machine embroidery to create small and medium sized pieces of artwork. Every work is unique and labor-intensive. These original embroideries celebrate the colorful medium of thread and soft nature of felt.

I regularly work to private commission producing one off bespoke pieces across the UK for a variety of clients. I have recently completed a commission for the journal “Nucleic Acids Research”, a project which explores various aspects of our genetic information.

When you buy a piece of work from me you are supporting my career as an independent artist. Thank you!