Nucleic Acids Research Cover



Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 22.26.53

This commission was created to celebrate Nucleic Acids Research.

Research into nucleic acids has come a long way since the discovery of DNA. I have been able to show both the inside of the nucleus (blue) and the surrounding cytoplasm (green) of a cell and depicted the path of genetic material using embroidery on felt. Small 3D chromosomes (red) have been added and a collection of both glow in the dark and rayon threads have been used.

Cover: The 2016 generic cover was designed by textile artist and scientist, Dr Halina Bainbridge from the University of Southampton, UK ( Using stitching and felt, Halina creates 3D illustrations of proteins, genes and other biological structures to spread the word about structural biology. Photo by Dr Sandra A. Wilks, University of Southampton, UK (