Public engagement with research development fund award

Last year in october I applied for the public engagement with research development fund and the summary of the project can be found here

I am pleased to say that my application was successful and I was awarded the funds. Yay!!

In the proposal I listed a number of ideas, which I will cover in different blog posts.

One of the proposed activities was to create a communal artwork, made up of small individual panels,which will explain how proteins play many roles in our body, are targeted by drugs and associated with disease. The background material will be felt, which will be created at separate workshops and the detail will be embroidered either by hand stitch or machiene stitch at the Science festival at the University of Southampton on the 18th of march.
The first few panels have been created in this weekends workshop. We had some experienced felters and lots of newbees. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had an opportunity to learn about the project and talk to scientists.

The next workshop is on the 10 of march and I hope we will have created enough panels for the festival.

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